What’s Going On in SA

The program teaches us that we cannot keep what we do not give away. Step Twelve tells us that service is an integral part of recovery. There are many opportunities for service within the SA Service Structure. These opportunities are all described in the SA Service Manual, available for free download off our website sa.org. There are opportunities within your local home group, the intergroup that services your home group, the regional assembly that serves your intergroup. Lastly, at the international fellowship-wide level, there are opportunities at the General Delegate Assembly, the Board of Trustees, and their committees. As current chair of the Board of Trustees, I’d like to focus on the Board of Trustees and our Committees and the opportunities for you, the SA Member, to serve.

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How His Meeting Became a Group

I entered SA in August 2017, having heard of it a year earlier. My first meeting was on a Saturday morning in the city of Ghent, Belgium, where I live. It was in a messy but cozy living room of a presbytery. SA had been very warmly welcomed there by the old local parish priest who gave us the room when approached by a fellow in 2014. This Saturday meeting has been my home meeting for the last 6 years.

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Editor’s Corner

Hi fellows. In this edition of ESSAY, we look at relapse prevention. “We never knew there was another option—surrender” (SA 84). In this quote from the chapter, “The Third Option” in the SA White Book, Roy K. reveals the key to stopping, and staying stopped! He stayed sober from 1976 until his death in September 2009 by practicing surrender. An oldtimer from Chicago explains that surrender is not some complicated, abstract process; it is simply, “executing the suggestions of the sponsor.”

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Coming Next

The April issue will be focusing on the theme “Courage to Change,” which will be the theme of the upcoming Los Angeles July International Convention. Picking a Convention Theme This Los Angeles fellow describes why the theme “Courage to Change” was chosen and how the convention team is proceeding towards the event.

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His Sober Dignity Lives On As a Beacon

Roy K. saved my life, just as his inspirations and guidance have helped save most of our lives. Roy gave me hope, something I had lost a decade prior to meeting him. Roy helped me find my soul, my conscience, my humanity, my spirituality, and my Higher Power.

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