February 2018

The Hand of SA Reaches Out


It is an exciting time to be in correctional service. Brian from Sacramento recently gave a seminar to a local diocese on how to develop SA at the New Folsom State Prison. From California to Poland and elsewhere we are building bridges with religious communities aligned with the SA sobriety definition.

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Finance Report

Overall net income (income less expenses) was positive by $5,415. Revenues benefited from the sales of the new Step into Action book and the financial successes of the Fellowships conventions. Contribution income continued below budget. Expenses were in line with actual revenues.

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Hi Essay, I inadvertently shared the December issue of Essay today on several global WhatsApp groups of which I am an administrator. Instead of sharing the download link to sa.org/essay I automatically distributed it to over 500 people. It was pointed out to me that this was a violation of the copyright.

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Editors’ Corner

Dear Essay readers: This issue of Essay includes many stories on The Hand of SA Reaches Out. As of late January there were about 1,758 downloads (about 800 views) of the newly free June Essay, 1,084 (about 500 views) of September, and 1,590 downloads (about 750 views) of December to date. Our desire to be a global Meeting in Print is well underway. Let your groups know Essay is available!

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Humor For SA

Do you find yourself wanting to be vague about your sobriety date? The endgame strategy of choice is to say “I am grateful to be sober today.” It allows you to be the mysterious humble one in the meeting without giving an actual sobriety date.

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A Plea From Italy

Do you speak Italian? Are you available and willing to sponsor and help the growth of the young Italian fellowship? SA in Italy started on 9 Feb 2017 with a Skype meeting which helped reach sexaholics in various regions of the country—and Italian-speakers residing abroad, too. A Twelve-Step workshop with some fifteen participants in November helped to strengthen the fellowship and reach out.

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Official Support Boosts SA Growth in Moscow

Since Russia’s Chief Narcologist Yevgeny Brune issued a letter of support to SA on June 27, 2016, the number of weekly meetings in Moscow has more than doubled to eleven.

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Twenty More Years

I am grateful for six years of sobriety, starting October 10, 2011. It has been by the grace of God, the support of the fellowship, and a whole lot of work on my part.

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Sexaholic, Mentally Ill, and Sober

I lost 8 years of sexual sobriety and was only able to regain it after discovering a mental health condition which had been undiagnosed since childhood. I had spent a lifetime in counselors’ offices trying to work out what was wrong with me. I came into SA, being one of the founding members of the program in my city. I got sober, worked the Steps, did service, sponsored others, immersed myself in the literature and conference recordings. But I wasn’t “happy, joyous, and free!”

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