Travel & SA Recovery

Viajando en Recuperación

La única novedad anual que sucedió en mi familia, aparte de mi cumpleaños, fue la llegada de las vacaciones. Solíamos ir a la playa todos los años y la libertad que el mar y las olas producían en mí, suavizaba la angustia de tener “padres especiales”, que no se amaban y que incluso podían divorciarse.

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Dear SACFC and friends, We know your life, and the lives of your loved ones, depend on your recovery and recovery depends, much of the time, on service. During this time it is easy to forget about those incarcerated, even as we take care of ourselves. Our primary purpose of carrying the message has not changed, due to the virus, not one bit.

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Finance Report

The Corona Virus has disrupted the Fellowship contribution supply line. Most 7th tradition collections begin at our local face-to-face meetings. But we are not allowed to meet at our regular meeting locations. We have taken to phone and Zoom meetings to carry our message of recovery. But how do we make of 7th Tradition collections?

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To the Essay: After six years of continuous struggle in Sexaholics Anonymous, my Higher Power granted me the gift of sobriety. My sobriety date is the 5 September 1993.

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Editors’ Corner

Dear Essay readers, This issue of Essay includes many stories on “Travel & SA Recovery.” Our next issue will focus on “Lost in Translations” (experiencing SA in other languages and cultures) in August, 2020. Please send in any stories or short articles on your experience with language changes in Sexaholics Anonymous.

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The Numbers & The Virus

First quarter results were promising. Fellowship contributions were back to budget levels. Literature sales were returning to normal. We were finding the way. We were on the right track. Then the Corona Virus struck in mid-March. There was no warning; there was no ramp up; there is no play book. Our meeting room lights were shut off, not dimmed, but just dark. The Fellowship found the way.

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Focused on the Solution AND the Problem?

Can I focus on what I will do to deal with my problems without first admitting I have problems? What does “rigorous honesty” mean, if not to open up to others about my defects? How did I first identify with others in SA and feel that I belonged, other than to hear about the mess others had put themselves through? Why do we read in meetings first about “The Problem” before sharing “The Solution”?

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