Ours Is a Forgetful Disease

I have been involved in SA since June 2007. Over the years I have tremendously enjoyed our worldwide magazine Essay, the “meeting in print.”

Most recently I was struck by the story about the sex addict who was stuck in a pit, and a recovering sexaholic jumped in to explain he had found a way out. I relate to that story constantly.

I have always enjoyed AA’s Rule 62 (“Don’t take yourself too seriously”) and recovery humor, and always read the humor page of each Essay as soon as possible. So here is my contribution to that page. (Note: the first part is a true story!)

I am at a meeting, and the chair says, “We will start in two minutes,” and I respond, “Great, we have time for a joke.” Another fellow, Abel, objects and says, “Don, we know all your jokes!” I reply, “Yeah, but you all do have a forgetting disease.”

So the chair says, “Go ahead.” I start, “A sex addict, a drunk, and a drug abuser are in a car—who’s driving?”

Now the chair objects and says, “Wait a minute, I am a recovering sex addict, Abel over there is a recovering sex addict and alcoholic, and Cain over here is also working double recovery for lust and drug addiction. You still want to tell that joke?”

“No,” I reply, “You guys have such forgetting diseases, I wouldn’t want to have to explain it three times.”

Don B., Pennsylvania, USA

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