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Coming in February

The February issue changed its theme due to the passing away of oldtimers David M. and Dave T. and will remember the oldtimers who showed us by their example that not only a sober life but also a sober death is possible by working the Twelve Step program.

Joyful Sobriety in Service
David M. was a true example of serving others inside and outside the fellowship in many ways.

Becoming a Whole Person
Dave T. showed by his example and by his strings how to become a joyful, useful, and whole person.

Remembering the Titans
This article focuses on the oldtimers of the first generation that stayed sober in all the challenges of life—even in the very last one.


February 2024 edition: Sober Living, Sober Dying (Stories due Jan 1) Read how our incredible program can conquer all problems of life, even the fear of death.

April 2024 edition: Courage to Change (Stories due Mar 1) This edition will be devoted to the theme of the July International Convention in Los Angeles, USA.

June 2024 edition: Men & Women in SA (Stories due May 1) Share with us how you and your home group cultivate meetings and socializing activities that are welcoming and supportive for both men and women.

August 2024 edition: What is Lust? (Stories due May 1) Its focus on lust is what sets SA apart from the other S-fellowships and makes our fellowship so efficient.

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