At Last! An End To Chronic Relapsing

The Foreword to the Second Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous says that “Of those who came to A.A. and really tried, 50% got sober at once and remained that way; 25% sobered up after some relapses, and among the remainder, those who stayed on showed improvement” (AA xx).

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Abro Mi Mente A Lo Que Ofrece Este Día

El eterno descontento con mi vida es parte de mi enfermedad. No me hallo, mi vida no me gusta. Necesito algo más. Esa enorme expectativa que tenía o que tengo (éxito mundano, reconocimiento, pompa y honor, etc.) parece ser la causa de que me sienta vacío.

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The SA Correctional Facilities Committee has seen a dramatic increase in the number of prisoners needing to be sponsored by mail. This is due to SACFC outreach, etc. We currently have a backlog of some 40 sponsees. We have an urgent need for sponsors.

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To Essay: I just wanted to write and express my thanks to you for putting Dick O.’s story Free As A Bird in the online Essay May 2018 and on What an honor! I only wish Dick were alive to see it.

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Editors’ Corner

Dear Essay readers: This issue of Essay includes many stories on “Open Mindedness.” Our next issue in August 2019 will focus on SA At 40 Years! Please send in any stories or short articles on your experience with SA At 40 Years! Future topics are October, 2019: Freedom Behind Bars; December, 2019 “Miracles In Recovery” Let us hear from you at

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Second Language Problems

For many sexaholics English is a second language. I am not a language expert. However, I have noticed that issues arise for SAs using English in readings and discussion. A person’s mother tongue is their heart and gut language. When talking about childhood issues, family of origin issues, in my opinion, this is the language that needs to be used.

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New SA Archives & History Committee

In 2018 the SA Board of Trustees established the SA Archives and History Committee [A&HC] to collect and catalog records of the origin and development of the SA Fellowship. The A&HC mission is: “to preserve the history of SA, to document the memories of our members and make this information accessible to SA members and other researchers [in order] to provide a context for understanding of SA’s progression, principles and traditions.”

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