SA at 40 Years


Our St. Louis SA community misses our good friend Wally F. He died suddenly of a heart attack on May 12, 2019. Those who attended the SA convention in St. Louis last summer might remember Wally as the M.C. for the convention.

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Editors’ Corner

Dear Essay readers: This issue of Essay includes many stories on “SA At 40 Years!” We have sixteen extra pages in this issue with a broad-brush review of the origin, growth, structure, and some significant SA personalities upon whose shoulders we stand today. For which, as one member says, we can never be sufficiently grateful.

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Humor For SA

When we issue the revised edition of “Recovery Continues,” I suggest “Recovery Continues Continuing.”

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SA In Chennai, India

Abused by her uncle at the age of four, she began using sex to battle loneliness and rejection. But when it became a behavior she could no longer control, *Talitha K. scoured the net for help. After an online test, Talitha realized that she is a sex addict.

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My Understanding of My Higher Power

I am Kristina from Germany and sober since March 2016 – one day at a time by the grace of my loving Higher Power. When I worked Step 2 with ‘Step into Action’ I wrote something about my Higher Power. As I search for many years in several religions where I could belong to, I found something very very important about “god of my understanding” who gives me strength: for ME it is a SHE most of the time.

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Promoting Businesses in SA (Tradition 6)

I love making candy. As with any interest of mine, it grew into a real passion. People encouraged me to create a candy business, which I tried...and failed. (I’m not a very good businessman.) It was during this period of time, though, that I was experimenting on various recipes and frequently offered samples (and made sales) to folks at work, Church, in our neighborhood and at meetings.

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Thirty Years Sober Saga

I am humbled by the out-pouring of love given to me on my 30th year anniversary. Sometimes I believe I am a fraud. Maybe one of those fantasies were not a fantasy and I did act out? Maybe one of those wet dreams were not really a wet dream?

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Single and Serene

I viewed men as toys or saviors but never as human beings. They filled my time until I found THE ONE who became my god. The fear of not being loved or accepted drove me into depression, misery and fear of abandonment. I believed that the ONE would fix me and fulfill my fantasies and dreams. But each time I sank deeper into a living hell, taking the abuse and telling myself that I was the problem.

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The Man Who Met God

There was a sexaholic walking down the street. He’d been there before, but this time, as he was walking, he met God. Now God had something in His hand and it looked good to the sexaholic.

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