I have been addicted to lust since the age of 14. I was in therapy twice, but I never spoke the truth. I have had several miracle experiences in my life (one really BIG) with my Higher Power, but my HP was judgmental and I feared admitting my addiction to anyone. I tried the white-knuckle method once each year by ridding the computer of porn stash, but I didn’t stop the fantasy and sex with self every day.

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Prison Work in Slovakia

The Program of Sexaholic Anonymous is still not available in most of the prisons around the world and in Europe. My addiction made me a prisoner of lust. It was horrible and I was thinking that I threw my life out the window in the pursuit of lust. I can not imagine how hard it must be being prisoner of lust and being a real prisoner at the same time.

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One of the early members of the Correctional Facilities Committee (CFC) was Ray S. from Tucson, Arizona, who is better known in our program as “Tucson Ray.” He started the Sponsors-by-Mail (SbM) program in Arizona by “offering it single-handedly for some seven years.” He developed a format for this outreach to people in prison that is still used today by those who write to men and women in prison.

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Entering the 2023 IC Cracow hotel I walked straight into the welcoming arms of a Polish fellow who is a regular attendant of the Sponsoring by Mail workshop. First time we met face-to-face. It was meeting a brother. The entire weekend we couldn’t stop smiling when we worked together or bumped into each other. A real connection. All the troubles of traveling by train vanished at that moment, in hindsight.

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It has been very important for me to complete my SA Twelve Step work with my sponsor. It has been equally important to keep all SA letters and worksheets to show to my parole board that I have been taking actions to get better. They have been looking to see whether I am sober from my active addiction, and have a post-release support group.

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Starting an SA meeting in prison is not an easy job, despite lust being a widespread problem. Although I had no experience with prison meetings to speak of, I did not let that get in the way. My own lusting experience and service had shown me how we can be uniquely useful to others.

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Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. Your letter was not anticipated so receiving it made it all the more special. I am grateful to have had 18 months between being “busted” and being arrested in which time I was able to become sexually sober, attend SA meetings, work the Steps with a sponsor, reunite with old friends in AA, and receive professional therapy.

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