Service Work As A Gift


Recently I asked the Illinois Department of Corrections for permission to start a Sexaholics Anonymous meeting. They denied my request, saying that they use a research-based model in the treatment of addictions. I was dismayed. While there are many components in an addiction, there definitely is a spiritual aspect. Can research be made on a process that takes place in the heart?

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Finance Report

Your SA International Central Office continues to grow in personnel and in service to the SA Fellowship. Groups and Intergroups that can donate to SAICO make this possible. Subscribing to the print Essay is a vital outreach tool. Thank you!

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Greetings Essay, I am the Chairperson for the Correctional Facilities Committee in the St Louis area. I had a recent experience talking with the Department of Corrections of the State of Illinois. From this interaction, I put down some of my thoughts about the spiritual nature of addiction.

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Editors’ Corner

Dear Essay readers: This issue of Essay includes many stories on “Service Work As A Gift.” Our next issue in February will focus on “Sobriety and Relationships;” Please send in any stories or short articles on your experience with Relationships in sobriety. Future topics are listed on the previous page. Let us hear from you at

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Humor For SA

A Polish SA meeting suggests that we might work Tradition 5 with a man-on-the-street approach. Słuźby is Polish for “service.”

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Visit By David T. (Stringman) To Australia

Dave T. (the Stringman) recently visited Australia with the support of various International SA committees, for which the Australian SA fellowship is extremely grateful. Dave came to Australia because we want and need to hear from the sober old-timers while they still can make the trip to the other side of the world!

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SA Internet Marathon 2018

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who helped make the SIM event a reality this year. I want to especially thank all the committee members who were a joy to work with. To all the speakers that shared their ESH. To the MC fellows who kept a close eye on SIM for 24 hours especially Daniel, Tzvi, and Brendan. I hope you get a good night’s sleep!

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Step 3: Someone Without A Burden

There was an exceptional meeting tonight in Boston. I walked into the meeting with a lot of restlessness and discontent. We read the portion of Alcoholics Anonymous on fear. My Higher Power helped me realize during the shares that I am afraid because I am using this program like just another tool to run my life. I’m being self reliant.

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Step 1: Accepting Things I Did Not Understand

Sometimes I look back and wonder why it took me so long to finally start living by the most basic and bedrock principles of the 12 Step program. No doubt I was still unwilling to really surrender, so I kept trying to solve my own problem with my own ideas and effort.

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